Jewellery Care and Cleaning

Gold Jewelry

Many jewellery lovers use their luxury masterpieces without proper knowledge of how to maintain and care for them. However, if your jewellery pieces are poorly maintained, they can tarnish quickly or attract blemishes. This can reduce their durability, beauty, and value.

To maintain your jewellery’s shiny and sparkling nature, you must care for them properly. This includes cleaning and storing them regularly in a safe, appropriate location.

The following are some valuable things to know about jewellery care and cleaning.

Keep Your Pieces of Jewellery in A Dry and Clean Place

As a thumb rule, jewellery must be kept in clean, dry spaces. If you want your expensive masterpieces to live up to their durability expectations, you must ensure that they are adequately maintained.

A clean, dry, soft-stuffed case, like our premium soft velvet pouch, is recommendable for keeping your jewellery.

In the absence of a proper jewellery case, you can improvise by stuffing a clean, dry container or case with soft fabrics before placing your ornaments in them. An anti-tarnish bag is also recommendable for silver jewellery.

Take Them off When Necessary

Don’t overuse your jewels; take them off regularly. Wearing your trinkets to bed or while performing house chores is not advisable. To avoid tarnishing, you should remove them before taking on any activity that may cause you to sweat profusely.

It’s also advisable to remove your pieces of jewellery before entering the swimming pool to avoid skin reactions and jewellery tarnish. Different pieces of jewellery have different tarnish resilience. Their longevity typically depends on the jewellery material and how you maintain and care for them.

Get a Jewellery Insurance

You might encounter an unforeseen circumstance that could lead to losing your jewellery.

It could be a natural disaster, theft or fire outbreak. Without insurance, you might lose your precious masterpieces in the event of any of these unfortunate circumstances. However, insurance can help protect your interest.

Getting a jewellery appraisal is an essential requirement for your jewellery insurance. You can find a certified appraiser with the help of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Use Soft, Dry Wipes When Cleaning

Soft fabrics are essential for cleaning your jewellery. Some recommendable materials include a soft brush, warm water, and ‘soft’ soap.

Meanwhile, a new technology called “ultrasonic cleaning” is now the most preferred method of cleaning your jewellery pieces.

Do Not Use Strong Chemical Substances

Chemicals can quickly discolor your jewellery pieces. So it would be best to abstain from them to avoid discolouring your precious masterpieces. Different metals require different maintenance and cleaning methods. For example, plated jewelery requires a little more attention and care since it can easily discolour and tarnish. You shouldn’t apply body sprays and deodorants to your jewellery pieces.

Gold and other precious metals are prone to discoloration upon application of the products mentioned above.