Diamond Shape [A Guide]

Tweezers and cut diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most precious mineral resources ever to be discovered.

A diamond has several characteristics that distinguish it from other mineral resources. For instance, it is one of the hardest, most compact elements ever known.

However, its supply is not abundant as it is rarer to come across than most other natural resources.

Diamonds can exist in many different shapes, although they mostly take an octahedral form.

This article will teach you some essential things about diamonds and their distinct shapes and characteristics.

What is a Diamond Shape?

Diamond Shape refers to the geometric structure or appearance of a diamond. A diamond’s cut is responsible for its beautiful gleaming appearance. There are several fantastic examples of squarish, rounded, and fancy-shaped diamonds, including princess cuts, cushion cuts, emerald cuts, radiant cuts, Asscher’s’, marquise, pear, and oval cuts.

  • Princess Cut Diamonds: Princess cuts are squarish in shape and very attractive to the eye. In some demographics, they are among the more popular and demanded diamond cuts.
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds: This diamond cut features a soft-rounded squarish look that gives off a sophisticated and romantic appeal. They also reflect brilliantly in a similar spectrum as rainbow colours.
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds: Emerald cuts are usually rectangular-shaped and glamorous in style. They are often layered in many facets that make them extremely visually appealing.
  • Radiant Cut Diamonds: This diamond cut features a provocative, fiery reflection style. Its peculiar characteristic has earned it the title of the shiniest diamond shape.
  • Asscher Cut Diamonds: It features a more balanced vintage-like refraction style. It can quickly find it in the shape of an octagon.
  • Marquise-Cut Diamonds: They are the least popular diamond shape. Sometimes, they are called boat cuts, eye cuts, etc.
  • Pear Cut Diamonds: This diamond variant is gentle and contemporary in style. It takes the shape of a teardrop. Unsurprisingly, its teardrop shape attracts the attention of many buyers.
  • Oval Cut Diamond: This diamond cut attracts much attention due to its elegant and delicate nature. Its oval shape is said to symbolize long-lasting relationships.

Final Words

Diamond shapes are a matter of personal taste, and they vary from person to person. Their popularity can also be influenced by demographic preference, which varies from region to region. On this note, round, oval, and princess cuts are among the most popular, followed by radiant, emerald, and pear cuts.

It’s important to note that there are several beautiful fancy diamond shapes asides from these common variants. So, you shouldn’t subject your preferences to only online opinions or other people’s photos. Instead, the best way to see what shape suits you is to try it on in person and have a look. This can be done at our store, where we can help you make the best choice that compliments your unique taste.