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Dreamt by you, designed by us.

We can bring your jewellery ideas, drawings, preferences, and sketches to life. We make various bespoke jewellery pieces, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and other personal item pieces. We leverage modern design technology by using powerful CAD and 3D designs to help you first visualise the item and ensure it’s made to perfection. We preserve the intimacy of the experience by involving you in every step of the creative process. We’re also happy to educate our customers by helping them better navigate the complicated jewellery industry to make informed choices and decisions.

At Hari Jewellers, we boast of impeccable craftsmanship to create jewellery that embodies your idea and adds a unique style to your collection. We source and use only ethical metals and precious stones for your timeless piece. We can also melt, remodel or repurpose part or whole of an existing jewellery piece, such as an heirloom which has been passed through several generations, to create a truly bespoke crown jewel of your choosing.

To get started, book a free initial consultation, and we’ll work closely with you to get the design right, commission the order for a start, and make you a masterpiece.


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